Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 6....

Well, things are going okay. Did really well on Friday and Saturday. Tried a yummy raw pizza and dessert at this living food restaurant. Ate well on Sunday too. Sunday night I drank, as were the rules for the game (I know, I know). So, yesterday I had a terrible hangover. The raw food I had been consuming for the last few days was not a good drinking base. As a result, I ate a salad yesterday with a bunch of cooked ingredients (rice, tortilla strips, tortilla). Needless to say, I had the WORST stomach ache all night long. Not worth it! So, I am not drinking for the remainder of the 21 days. Period.

Today's Plan:

B- 16 oz green smoothie (romaine, banana, apple) (300)
S- Dried apricots (200)
L- Orange (85)
S- LaraBar (210)
D- 2 slices ezekiel, 1/2 avocado, lettuce, cucumber, mustard (375)

Total= 1,170

30 mins treadmill

Water= 3 liters

Have a great day!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 2 of 21

Well, yesterday went pretty well. I ate a lot, but that's okay:

B- Lara Bar & Apple & 1 c black coffee
S- Cashews & Goji Berries
L- Ezekiel Bread; 1/2 avocado; lettuce; onion; mustard
S- Carrots
D- Raw Cashew Pad Thai from Sage's Cafe (yum!)

Here's what I noticed:

- Bloated (yesterday and today) maybe should try eating fruit separately
- Really tired last night (that's nothing new)
- Wanted to eat- wasn't too hungry
- Started to get grumpy at night

So far today, I am not too tired. I have not had any coffee- and I only will if I start to fall asleep. I am working both jobs today from 7:30-10:00...so, I am planning my meals out on these days (since I need to pack!)

B- Lara bar & cashews
S- Orange
L- 2 slices ezekiel; 1/2 avocado; lettuce, onion, mustard
S- Carrots
D- Orange
S- Lara Bar

...if I am not hungry, I may skip any of these meals I choose.....
Also, I am giving myself 100% for yesterday, as I am not planning to start my workouts until Monday.

05/22/08: 100%

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 1 of 21... here we go!

I have been reading and studying eating raw for a few months now. I have conducted a few mini experiments, like eating raw for the weekend, etc. Although I have really loved it, I have not stuck with it for more than a few days. So, this is my attempt at 21 days raw! They say it takes 3 weeks to make a habit...so, let's see what happens.

I weighed in today at 140.4lbs. Yikes. I am not weighing again until day June 12th, day 22. This will be VERY hard for me, because I am someone who weighs everyday- especially when dieting. Oh yeah, and that's another thing: I am not dieting. I am not counting calories! I am not planning a daily menu. I am going to eat when I am hungry, whatever I want, raw. The next day I will post what I ate, as a good tracking measure.

Here are the things that are not raw, that I am going to allow myself very sparingly:
- coffee (no more than one cup of black a day; only if necessary)
- olive oil & balsamic & mustard
- Ezekiel bread
- wine, vodka soda water, beer once (baseball game)

I am going to give myself a score for each day. 100% if I eat as outlined, follow workout plan, and bodybrush. Then deduct 10% for missing workout; 20% for eating off outline; and 10% for not bodybrushing.

Here we go! Wish me luck today! I will report tomorrow!!!!